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We Are Oneagri

Oneagri was founded in 2018 with intent to provide growing of the new generations with products that are produced healthier and to contribute establishment of communities that are fed healthier and safer by improving plant feeding factors, which affect human health negatively.

Oneagri aims to produce solution and requirement oriented products of the agriculture sector.

Oneagri has commenced to provide services to our producers through its first Organic Vermicompost products such as Agri WORM(solid) and Agri LVP(liquid).

Oneagri Organic Fertilizer Production Plant was established on 20.000 m2 area and thanks to its 1800-ton vermicompost capacity per year, it is the biggest producer of the sector.

Stabilization studies, necessary research and analysis of our products were accomplished and approved by accredited instructions. Our analyses are made periodically by accredited instructions, in the direction of our sustainable production principle.

Oneagri is being audited by CERES, which is the Turkey and Worldwide reputable organic regulatory organization; hence, our firm and products have CERES Organic Certificates, which are valid and recognized in EU, NOP and JAS regions.

Oneagri that is working in order to add new products to the service of conscious consumers with R&D qualified products will continue to be a solution to the problems of the consumers through its new products.